Unlike some countries in Europe, baking at home is still common in Finland and to the bread baker this is great news as it means that supermarkets usually carry a wide range of different types of flours. Flour quality can vary though, even amongst products coming from the same mill, so if you have had a bad experience with one brand, it is worth trying again, it may just have been a bad batch.

I recommend to always look for the freshest bag possible as flour that has been sitting on the shelf for too long will have lost its nutritional and baking properties. This is especially true with flour made from the whole berry that contains more fat than refined white flour. As fat is exposed to air it gets oxidised and rancid, which will impart flour with a bitter taste.

So here is an ongoing non-exhaustive list of different brands I have come across (in Helsinki mostly).

This list is being updated on a regular basis and please let me know if you have stumbled across a brand that is not listed yet.


Sourced in K-Market, Tarmola ( Industrial estate, PORVOO)

KINNUSEN MYLLY is located in Utajärvi, in Pohjois Pohjanmaa, not too far from Oulu.

The “Puolikarkea jauho” has a protein content of 12% and is a good all-purpose wheat flour.

Kinnusen Mylly / Puolikarkea Vehnäjauho

Their website does not list organic rye flour, so I assume they have sold out for this year.

I can’t recommend enough to use organic flour for anything milled from more than the grain endosperm. If you are looking for whole-grain, go organic!

Kinnusen Mylly / Lumo Ruis Jauho


Sourced in Prisma Kaari Kännelmäki, HELSINKI.

Their website has a page dedicated to where can one source their products here

The hiiväleipäjauho has a protein content of 12.1% and their standard vehnäjauho has 11.5% of protein. The difference comes from the fact that the hiiväleipäjauho contains more of the wheat berry enveloppe. You could think of it as a whole-wheat flour with good baking properties.


Sourced in Prisma Helsinki Itäkeskus

This mill is actully Swedish. Protein content is 11.5%. The flour is rather fine and works great in pastries, too.

HUNGRY CHEF Pizza flour

Sourced in Prisma Kaari Kännelmäki, HELSINKI.

This one is a bit of an anomaly. Not only because it’s pizza flour, but also because this is an imported and re-packaged product.

This is is proper 00 flour, claimed to be from Sicily and it works great. However, I am finding it a shame to use so much plastic for packaging. Check their website, they also have recipes.


Sourced directly from the Mill.

Riihiruisjauho is one of my absolute favorite flour to use in Finland. It can be quite challenging to source, but a little goes a long way. in essence, the rye berry is smoked first and then processd into flour. Try first to subsitute 10% of the total rye flour by weight in your recipe and increase the amount as required. The term “karkea” here means that this is not finely ground. Think of it as a cruched grain rather than a milled grain. If you have the chance, go and visit the mill, it is fascinating.


Sourced in Prisma Itäkeskus.

Similar to the flour from Vääksyn Mylly above, but organic and ground much finer. I believe this mill is owned or managed by Valio nowadays. Prisma Itäkeskus usually carry at least 3 or 4 different types of four from Liperin Mylly.