A collection of photographs harvested here and there related to bread in Finland & Scandinavia. I will update this post as time goes.

If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Packing rye bread (Vako Oy factory). Äänislinna 1942.04.22. Source: SA-KUVA
Loading bread into the oven. Metsäpirtti 1942.01.17 Source: SA-KUVA
Prisonner’s hospital and Hällberg Hotel. Kokkola, 1941.08.10 Source: SA-KUVA



Shopkeeper Halmi Satamo selling a variety of baked goods, Isalmi, 1926. Source: iisalmenkamera.
Sami mixing dough. Source: http://arkisto.fi/uploads/Arkistolaitos/Maakunta-arkistot/Oulu/Aslak/elinkeinot_muuttuvat_04/
Photograph by Nils Keyland, taken in Värmland, Sweden in 1911.
Maiju Läpveteläinen shaping rye loaves in Maaninka, North Savo, Finland. Picture by Ahti Rytkönen, 1927
Photo by Aino Oskanen, 1926. Making of Christmas Bread at the Koskipää mansion, in Hartola, Finland. This picture is extracted from Ulla Rauramo’s excellent book (in Finnish only) “RUIS, Suomalaisten salainen ase” (RYE, the Finnish Secret Weapon)
“Courtyard oven”, Finnish Lapland. Unknown photographer / Province Museum of Lapland.
Making “reikäleipä” for winter. Estate “Rasi”, Finland, 1930.
Sami baking bread. This picture was sent by a relative of mine and I unfortunately do not have any more info.
Bakers Kaj Halme & Jorma Toivonen proudly stand by the World’s largest “ruis reikäleipä” – made in Finland, of course.
19.08.1918, Finland. Women eating some “reikäleipä”. Photo from Keski-Suomen museo.
Promotional vehicle onto which one can read “3 million people eat crispbread in Finland”. Great success story when you think that this company (http://www.vaasan.com/portal/en/) is still going strong. Here is a bit of history about Vaasan Oy Vaasa History
Women selling rye bread, Turku. Perhaps at the turn of the century?
Wheat Harvest in Sipilä, Finland, 1930.
SWEDEN – CIRCA 1973: A stamp printed by SWEDEN shows Baking Bread in the old manner at Utbunge, Gotland, circa 1973