A few months back I was browsing through the cookbooks at the local bookstore (sounds familiar?) and stumbled across the latest brick from renown Norwegian chef and baker Magnus Nilsson. I bought it straight away, because there are not that many books in English when it comes to baking traditions from Nordic countries and also because I knew of his previous work “The Nordic Cookbook“, a collection of recipes gathered during his travels in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

I had hopes that he’d do the same with an emphasis on baking and here it was!. I am yet to go through all of it and I wonder how a normal human being can come-up with that of a thick book, yet alone a Chef. I can already say, however, that it has been an interesting read from the beginning and I would recommend it to anybody interested into culinary traditions from the Nordics.

The BBC Food Program released a podcast in June dedicated to Magnus. Have a listen, it’s worthwhile and if you’re like me, that is you enjoy listening to the radio, this will be pleasant and cheap way to travel to Norway:

BBC food program with guest Magnus Nilsson